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Our Loose Blogging consortium includes:-  Anu, Ashok, ConradGaelikaaGinger,  Grannymar,  Judy, Magpie 11Maria, & Ramana. Our topic today was chosen by Conrad.


Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is a day for celebration in more ways than one for me.  A celebration of taking first steps.

In one case the steps were sure footed with no hint of doubt that I was headed on the right road, while the other…….

One year ago today I had doubts.  VERY BIG DOUBTS.  I will admit to feeling intimidated at the beginning.  A lone women surrounded by three men all able eloquent communicators. But why me?  With my simplicity and weird sense of humour, was I asked simply to be the mascot?

I was on the verge of saying NO!  Really!  Then I thought, heck, give it a go…. if it becomes too heavy I’ll find an excuse to drop out!  So I tentatively took those first steps…

Somewhere from within I heard a voice say: “Stick with what you know!”  I leaned heavily on information from my past, it seemed to work. I pulled it off and was elated…. until…. Until I heard what was required at the next stage.  Leading us this time was a young, earnest fellow, one third the age of the rest of us.  The guys were in competition, each hoping to find the edge on the other.  It was hopeless.  I should never have joined in.  No way could I come up with the goods.

Restless nights followed, then in a flash I had my answer. Step off the path and find another route…. I did!   Now I was ready to step up to the plate. Somehow it worked, I hit the right note and was accepted; right into the heart of the group.  Life was sweet!  I was a full blown member of the Loose Blogging Consortium, the inspiration of Conrad.

The original Four

Anti clockwise:– Ashok, Conrad, Ramana and Grannymar (Photo courtesy of Maynard)

Over the weeks our numbers grew, some stayed while others found the call of family, study, or work commitments necessitated their absence.  They post when they are able and we look forward to their return in the near future.


Did I once actually think of dropping out?

Conrad, if you want me to drop out now, you will need to tip the hammock or employ the shredder!

The family that has grown up around the LBC is brilliant.  Conrad, did you ever in your wildest dreams think that this would happen?  The banter and the teasing on the blogs and in the background is wonderful.  You all WILLED me well following surgery last September, the banter fun and laughter was better than any medication.  You came and shared breakfast in my kitchen back then. Now it is time to take the celebration elsewhere, bring back Conrad’s Bus, and let us all climb aboard for another year.  Come on Corky, we are not leaving without you!

Debit, Magit, Mayo, Millie, Maynard, Salad, Bikehikebabe, Gail and everyone else who comments – the singing is about to begin!  Pay attention everyone Magpie 11 will accompany us on the Bandoneón!

And the other celebration…..

Thirty three years ago today I took steps… deliberate well thought out steady steps along a path to begin a new and wonderful life…. with Jack.  He had told me that every day would be like Christmas, and it was.  Fresh new and exciting, each day was filled with little pleasures and great love!  Twelve years on my own now; and I still miss his whistle, twinkling eyes, quirky walk and most of all his touch! I would not have missed those 21 years together for anything, and I daily treasure the best gift of all: our Elly!

Happy Anniversaries to one and all!

Image by Free-StockPhotos.com