Daily Archives: July 11, 2010

Favourite taste

Time once more to answer another of those questioned that I suggested as part of a meme set by Nick.

What is my favourite taste?

For me this varies from week to week and on occasions from meal to meal.  It might be a meal for one, thrown together quickly using the bits from the fridge, yet I sit and savour every forkful.  While at the other end of the scale it might be a leisurely meal in good company while sharing a glass or two of wine – the mood and food adding to the senses of smell and taste.

It is very difficult to tie it down to one, so I offer you a compromise….. The dinner I crave for today:

Savoury – A tender medium rare grilled steak, with caramelised onions, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, some broccoli florets and baby new potatoes.

Sweet – Rhubarb, cooked the way mammy did it.

To Drink – Gin served with Tonic or with Ginger Ale.

Now who is on the cooking today?