Daily Archives: July 17, 2010

Want a laugh?

I am still reeling!

Blame wisewebwoman.  It happened as a result of reading her blog the other day.  She suggested that I try a little game.  Well I just cannot say no to little games, and look what I found…

If you follow the link above, you are invited to copy and paste a blogpost into the large box, give it a minute to dance about then…..

Hey Presto it magically pairs you with a famous author who is closest to your style of writing.

Who was I matched with?

Creative Commons
Creative Commons

James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (1882 – 1941) the Irish writer and poet, ye know.. Yer man… the fella that penned Dubliners (I’m one of them), Finnegans Wake, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and of course Useless Ulysses.

So what post did I copy and paste? Hah! I have you there…

You will need to wait until tomorrow to find out!

Not satisfied with that I tried this post and it rolled up with Vladimir Nabokov I had to look him up!! 🙄