Food Monday ~ Toffee Crisps

In Scraps of history I was sharing recipes written by mammy and other relations on scraps of paper.  Over the next few weeks I hope to dip into the collection and share a few well tried favourites.  Today I begin with a regular when I was a schoolgirl.

Toffee Crisps.

4ozs large Marshmallows
4ozs butter or margarine
4ozs toffee (when I was young we used a slab of Cleeve’s Toffee)
4ozs Rice Krispies

Melt the butter or margarine with the toffee and marshmallows in a saucepan over a low heat stirring frequently.  Mix in the Rice Krispies and then transfer to a Swiss roll tin – yes we did make Swiss rolls back then!  You may call it a tray bake tin! 😉 Spread the mixture with a fork to even it out.  Mark into squares and leave to cool and set.  Then cut into squares and store in an airtight tin.

16 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Toffee Crisps

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Gaelikaa – I think that Cleeve’s have gone now. Mammy loved a few squares of that toffee while she stood ironing the mountain of shirts etc!

    RG – I think Thornton’s still do slab toffee and it comes with a little hammer.

  2. steph

    Are they ready yet? Are they ready yet?

    This has jogged my memory for toffee. I can remember ‘Yorkshire’ toffee sweets were my favourite as a child. They were individually wrapped and you bought them by weight although later on, they were sold in bags.

    The only similar thing I could find when my kids were growing up, was Highland Toffee bars. Remember them? I think they might even still be around?

  3. Grannymar Post author

    RG – Just what I was thinking! 😀

    Steph – Highland Toffee is still available in bars, packets, tubs and tins! Now don’t go eating it all before your dinner! 🙄

  4. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – I still crave sweets. It might be dark chocolate, or toffee and on the odd occasion fudge – which gives me dreadful mouth ulcers even after one square! 🙁 Mammy used to say that strong cravings like that were the body lacking in something and asking for it to be replaced. Since I believed all my mother told me 😉 I give in every now and then!

  5. Alice

    I’ve made these! Every now and then I still get a longing to have them. Maybe I should make a batch to share with the grandchildren whose mother doesn’t want them to have so much sugar….? (Actually she’s spot on–as one of them has an insatiable sweet tooth.)

  6. Magpie11

    I am sure we have a similar recipe somewhere….. known by children who knew us as Mrs Drake’s Sticky Stuff….. her daughter was a pupil of mine.

    Almost sure the recipe included Condensed Milk.

  7. Darlene

    I would make these and eat every last one myself, but I am committed to losing 5 pounds. Beside, I don’t have a clue as to where I could buy the toffee. My favorite candy is a Heath bar. It’s chocolate covered toffee. Yummy !!1 I wonder if they still sell them? I must investigate that.


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