Donegore Motte

View from the top of the Donegore Motte in Dunadry, overlooking County Antrim.  That’s Lough Neagh in the distance.

On a clear day from the summit of Donegore Hill this historic pre-Anglo-Norman motte had views of the six Ulster counties. In earlier years burned human bones, Neolithic pottery, flint arrowheads and stone axes have been found in the mound which strongly suggest that the Motte was in origin a Passage Grave, a burial mound built about 5000 years ago.  The picturesque St. Johns Church is located close by and has recently been restored.

Access to the motte is through The landscape garden centre Donegore which has a welcoming spacious coffee shop
It was there I met Rhyleysgranny, a long overdue meet-up, but like good wine, well worth the wait.

We had coffee… chatted, wandered through the plants…

chatted, wandered up to the motte…chatted some more and had some photos taken.

It was a wonderful day and the sun smiled on us all the way.

I know from her blog that Rhyleysgranny is a great cook.  Today I’ll upgrade to Wonderful Cook.  You see I came home laden down with goodies.

This cake featured on her blog was specially adapted to suit my dietary needs and is scrumptious, The jam home made Raspberry, my favourite, and she made a loaf of bread to put the jam on!  Now that is what I call a friend!

Thank you RG!

9 thoughts on “Donegore Motte

  1. Rhyelysgranny

    Didn’t we just have a lovely day? I am looking forward to the next one. Grannymar you are just such grand company. If you couldn’t get on with you, you couldn’t get on with anybody. I am glad you enjoyed the goodies. 🙂 x

  2. Rummuser

    Those photographs are grand and I wish that I had been there to enjoy the sunshine. I have recently been reading about NI and the only shortfall that I found in the book was the absence of some good photographs. I hope that there will be other places in NI that you will visit and post photos of.

  3. steph

    That does look like a lovely day out.

    I was going to send you a recipe for the delicious (dairy free) almond and raspberry slices which I made last night but….

    I’ve changed my mind now :mrgreen:

    Rhyleysgranny has you totally spoilt!

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Steph – I admit I was totally spoilt yesterday, and I loved every minute of it. 😀

  5. bikehikebabe

    This post is so, soooooo very Irish. Couldn’t be any other place, with all the strange names, the green. Love the pics. Thanks for taking me there.

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