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The world and its mother knows that I am the slowest reader on this earth.  We don’t need to cover that old ground again.  Now my mad granny didn’t help.  When I was small and trying to read a book, it you asked her what a long word was, she would tell me to ‘Just say Dublin’!  She always followed it with a great big laugh.  So as you can Imagine, if I  tried that lark every second word might be Dublin.

Books come in many shapes and sizes.  They cover all topics. They inform, educate, entertain, amuse, tempt the taste buds or simply feast the eye with wonderful art or photography.

Then there are the blank books just waiting to be filled with information: account books, school copies, diarys, address books and notebooks.

For years I kept a tiny notebook in my handbag.

It was handy if I wanted to write down some information such as, an address, phone number or the opening times for a museum or gallery.  On occasion I have been known to copy down a recipe that appealed, or the details of a bottle of wine that tickled my tastebuds.

On the front page was the up to date list of groceries that needed replacing or items I wanted on the next trip to town.  On the very last page I had my wish list. Not ‘must haves’, but you know the things you might buy if you won the lottery.  Some of the items were bought and scored off, while others languished for a year and then I didn’t want them any more.

It was actually a very good exercise.  At times we think we want something and the more we think the more we want.  I see it particularly with the younger generation.  They see somebody with a new camera or iPhone, an iPod or Wii game and they simply MUST have it NOW!  It is bought, used for a week and then left in the corner to gather dust.

By writing it on the wish list, you are not dismissing it outright, but taking away the urgency and temptation to impulse buy.  It is surprising how the desire lessens and sometimes you change your mind completely.

Now I wonder if I wrote Toyboys on the back page……….