Daily Archives: August 15, 2010

I spy

Yesterday I was a tourist in the city of my birth.  It was great fun and I was in places that I never saw before.

Elly & I headed for town in the morning with a rough plan of activities sketched in our minds.  The Point Village Market was our first point of call.

We browsed, tasted, talked and purchased. It was then time for lunch, with a great variety of stalls to tease and tempt our taste buds we both decided on the same place.  This is where Nick and Ramana should turn away, we chose rolls filled with pork.  It was not just any old pork it was a full animal cooked on a spit!  No! we did not eat the whole thing.  We had just enough for a well packed roll with mixed salad leaves and stewed apple. Yummy!

While eating our fill with a cold drink, we had to move to the shade as the sun blazed on us, it was a glorious day.

Taking our leave from the stalls we rounded a corner and look what we saw:

The Dublin eye – or in true Dublinese – the Diddly eye!  Well I had to have a go and climb to new heights.  Not literally, but in a sitting position.

Not very clear, but was taken through the glass and the sun was strong.  In the distance you can see the new Aviva Stadium:  Do you really want to know what the Dubs call it?  The bed pan!!  If you follow the link you will understand the reasoning.

A few more shots

Looking west through the doors is the River Liffey heading back towards the centre of the city.

Colourful containers lined up for shipping.