Daily Archives: August 17, 2010

Last night

I woke the whole household.  The noise would have woken the dead never mind the neighbours.  It was 3 O’ Clock in the morning to be exact. NO!  I was not rolling home with a clatter of Toyboys.

I woke and thought it was very warm so I opened the window.

Now you have guessed it.  I set off the house alarm.  Before I could do anything both Elly & George were racing downstairs expecting to find a burglar.  I let them know it was my fault and I think they forgave me.  Setting off the alarm while at home in your house never feels quite as bad as doing it is someone else’s house.

I am heading up the road today – I am not being punished – it was always part of my plan. I just hope that George has forgotten the episode and not busy looking up a phone number of the home for demented mothers in law!