Last night

I woke the whole household.  The noise would have woken the dead never mind the neighbours.  It was 3 O’ Clock in the morning to be exact. NO!  I was not rolling home with a clatter of Toyboys.

I woke and thought it was very warm so I opened the window.

Now you have guessed it.  I set off the house alarm.  Before I could do anything both Elly & George were racing downstairs expecting to find a burglar.  I let them know it was my fault and I think they forgave me.  Setting off the alarm while at home in your house never feels quite as bad as doing it is someone else’s house.

I am heading up the road today – I am not being punished – it was always part of my plan. I just hope that George has forgotten the episode and not busy looking up a phone number of the home for demented mothers in law!

13 thoughts on “Last night

  1. Grannymar Post author

    BTD – The noise seems twice as piercing in the wee small hours, yet during the day people simply ignore them.

  2. Mayo

    One sure thing Grannymar– you can go home with the attitude:
    Chaos. Panic. Disorder.
    My work here is done.

  3. kenju

    I’m really happy we don’t have an alarm, since I would be sure to set it off – and mr. kenju would make it a daily event.

  4. Rummuser

    I find it extremely difficult to believe that it was an accident. Now come on and tell us the real story. Who was serenading you below the window?

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Mayo – I am home once more and planning the next trip!

    Judy – I do have an alarm in my house and have set it off once or twice over the years, but I do feel it gives me some security.

    Nick – Shhhh! They haven’t noticed yet! 😉

    WWW – The only silver Elly is interested in is the kind you can spend! 😆

    Ramana – The local cat!

  6. Nancy

    Well, GM, you are not the only one who accidently set off a burglar alarm.

    Once, when I was selling Real Estate I wanted to preview (Look at a house ahead of my client so I’d know all about the place when I showed it to her later). So, I went to a new housing development and went to the door of the Model Home. I was told the door would be open so I would not need a key.

    Well, the door was open all right, but the alarm was ON and as I entered the house a siren went off that would wake up the dead. I was so startled I jumped ahead and ran right into a glass coffee table and cut my leg open.

    So, that was the scene as the police and the builder/owner showed up 3 minutes later. There I was, still in shock, sitting on the gorgeous gold couch,with blood running out of my knee all over the white carpet…

    That’s where my Real Estate insurance came in handy. I had always wondered what those high premiums were for and that was the day I found out that the premiums were used to pay the builder for new carpet in his Model Home.

    Plus…All was forgiven when I sold the place to my clients the following week. They remarked on the cleanliness of the white carpet and I just smiled and mentally calculated my commission..

  7. Baino

    GAH I used to set the work alarm off all the time what a noise. Although I could never sleep in a house with closed windows, no matter what the weather .. so I bought a dog. Not much of a deterrant but quieter than an alarm! Enjoy your day.

  8. Darlene

    I once worked for a man who had his office in his home and I had to enter by the back door. I set the alarm off when I arrived for work one morning and he was still in bed. He came down the hall with blood in his eye. I didn’t work there long. 😉

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy – That is a win win story.

    Baino – I am seldom warm enough to have the windows open at night.

    Rose – Dogs seem to be a good alternative to an alarm.

    Darlene – I would love to hear the story of the ‘eye’!


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