Art with a Needle ~ Week 51

Today I have set a challenge for myself.

I was presented with a surprise gift recently.  A jar of honey and it came in the bag above.  What a nice idea instead of the usual paper wrapper.  This bag is made from a single piece of linen with a fringed edge.  The stitching is simply done using a reed or some type of grass.  It may well be flax.  The large slip stitches run down one side of the bag and back forming a double row then continuing along the edge of the flap and down the other side and back up to the opening to match side one.  The button for closing the flap is actually made from two beads.  What could be simpler?

Now I need a bag to place my webcam in when travelling between my many homes to visit my relations. Time to look in the scrap bag.

Hopefully I will have something to show before the day is out.

Now I am off to clean a few windows!

UPDATE: Later than I expected and a little simpler than I planned.  It was keep to the promise of completing or spending another week trying to do something special.  I need something that would take pushing pulling in and out of the laptop bag.

So here we go…

And with the webcam inside:-

11 thoughts on “Art with a Needle ~ Week 51

  1. Geri Atric

    A ‘honey bag’ – never heard of one before – but what a ‘sweet’ idea!
    Whatever will ‘they’ think of next? A ‘jam sack’? Or maybe a lemon curd swaddle?
    What will you call your webcam bag? A camara cosy? Or maybe a ‘Wrap’; like when film crews shout: “Its a wrap folks”!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Geri – I enjoyed your names for the bags. So far I have no name for the webcam bag. Wallis, William, Winston…..

  3. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – Unfortunately not on my laptop, but I have the advantage of being able to set the webcam where I want it and use this to give a wider shot.

    I want a soft cover for the webcam just to prevent scratches and keep it separate from other cables and plugs while in transit.

  4. steph


    What’s a webcam? 😉

    You could always call the webcam bag, your “webcam warmer” as in… “willy warmer!” 😀

    @ Geri – Hi! again – it’s good to see you out and about!

  5. bikehikebabe

    I make little bags for lots of things. I use pacific cloth for silver, jewelry or serving bowls, trays. I love all my bags. I keep finding cloth bags with nothing in them. Probably made for a pin (broach 🙂 that is on something lost in a closet.

  6. Maureen

    Is that a webcam in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

    I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist a little lame humour 😉

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Steph & Maureen, The bag is working well to protect my webcam from scratches and bumps among the cables and chargers in my laptop bag. For once I have not given it any name.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – It needed to take pushing and pulling so extra decoration would be a waste of effort.


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