Busy, busy.

Flaffing a duster
Scouring a shower
Cleaning my shoes
That was the last hour

Now to the windows
And dinner prepare
while thinking about
Going out on the tare.

Are you coming?

5 thoughts on “Busy, busy.

  1. steph

    Love to join you, Grannymar but…

    I’m only in the door and I’ve still got to…

    Flaff a duster,
    scour the shower,
    clean my shoes
    and brush my hair.

    The windows can wait
    as I’ve dinner to prepare,
    while thinking about you
    going out on the tear! 😀

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Baino – I have half of them done and that is enough for today!

    Ramana – You don’t know you are living with all that help. 😉

    Steph – I wonder where I should begin……

    WWW – Are ya coming with me?


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