Daily Archives: August 25, 2010

Art with a Needle ~ Week 52

On my recent visit to The Point Village Market in Dublin I encountered some interesting Craft Artists.  I came home hungry to try out a few new ideas.  Yesterday was my first opportunity to try one of them.

A needle did make an appearance but, the project did not involve thread.

Are you curious?

I also employed the services of the following:

An old filleting knife, kitchen scissors, Food blow torch and a packing needle.  The bodkin was not called into service this time.

To begin with I went on the scrounge to my young neighbours.  Thankfully they were able to supply me with my needs.

Empty aluminium cans.  Three varieties to be exact.  I only wanted the sides of the cans so the knife and scissors were called into play to remove the ends.  The knife proved to be easier to work with at this stage.

Placed in the same order as before with the reverse side showing, notice the difference in the colour of the aluminium.

It was at this stage that the blow torch made an appearance. NB WORK OUT OF DOORS to avoid the fumes.

Nicola Loughlin, the young lady that introduced me to this craft (unfortunately she did not have a website), probably used a DIY paint removing blow torch.  I do not have one and therefore resorted to the less powerful kitchen version.

Nicola had several collages and smaller pieces on display and for sale.  She spoke of the different effect and colours achieved with using different brand named cans, from the three above and several different beer cans.

Remember this was my first attempt, and I am sure to improve with time and experience.

The Red bull can

Red Coke can

Diet Coke can

Then came the fun.  deciding on shapes and adding pattern with the packing needle (blunt ended) from the back.

Brooch shapes were what I had in mind.

The veins of the leaf were pressed on from the reverse with the packing needle.  I need to spend more time playing about with the technique to perfect it and perhaps add beads.  I do have a few brooch closures, so all I need is solder.  I do have a soldering iron somewhere in my kit….