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The active members of our Loose Blogging consortium are:- ConradGaelikaaGinger,  Grannymar, Magpie 11Maria, & Ramana. Some members seem to have taken the tale of Sleeping beauty to heart but I hope they do not keep us waiting for 100 years!  Wake up Anu, Ashok, Helen & Judy, we miss your contributions and look forward to the sound of your keyboards clattering in our direction.  Our topic today was chosen by Conrad.

Half Truths

How many fingers do I have?

Gosh it is a long time since I drew an outline of my hands.  The crooked fingers make not a pretty picture!

Have you counted yet?

I bet you said ten!

Look again….  I make it ELEVEN!

Counting backward from the left…

Ten, nine, eight, seven six plus the five on the right hand makes ELEVEN!

Granny, I was listening all those years ago and I can hear your laughter right now.