Joanne was in a hurry to get married.

It was her dream since she was about ten years old.  She had spent her days playing house and nursing her dolls.  Not wanting to stay in school a day longer than needed, she left on her sixteenth birthday.  She was fortunate to find a job in a local jewellery store not far from her home.  The baubles were a far cry from the Crown jewels, more your cheap and cheerful with plenty of bright lights to make them sparkle!

How would you write the next paragraph?

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  1. kenju

    Unfortunately, she soon found that few men came into the jewelery shop; it was patronized by women who fantasized about having the “real thing” but settled for “cheap and cheerful.”

    She seemed destined never to meet the man of her dreams and began to regret leaving school so early, but late one foggy, misty day a young man entered the store – more to get out of the weather than a need to purchase baubles. But he took one look at Joanne and…..

  2. nick

    She had lots of male admirers but she was never sure whether their interest was genuine or whether they thought they could get cut-price jewellery.

  3. Nancy

    But he took one look at Joanne and…..

    fell madly in love. He pretended to look at jewelry but really could not take his eyes off of the beautiful Joanne. He stayed as long as he dared at the counter having her show him one piece of jewelry after another. Even though he did not have a dime in his pocket (or in his bank) he could not tear himself away from her. He could tell by the look in her lovely blue eyes that she was smitten with him,too.

    Was this the man of her dreams? “No,she thought,”It couldn’t be. The man of my dreams is tall and handsome and rich.” But why, then,is my heart beating so wildly and why are my palms so moist as I brush his hand when showing him the jade bracelet?

    Suddenly, the door of the Jewelry store is flung open and a policeman enters and shouts…………

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