A Different Life

If you wanted to be a recluse, how would you go about it?

Perhaps start by stocking up on:

  • food
  • books
  • music
  • paper an pencils
  • craft materials
  • warm clothes

What else would you do?

16 thoughts on “A Different Life

  1. nick

    I think the first priority would be somewhere remote and obscure enough not to be intruded on by anybody else. Hard to find these days when even barren mountaintops are targetted by intrepid hikers.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – That would make you a very modern recluse!

    Nancy – But!…. But! Then you would not be a recluse.

    Nick – I agree with you, remote and obscure places are almost off the radar these days.

  3. steph

    I’d move to somewhere with uninterrupted views of the sea, sky and the mountains.

    Like Rummuser, my hideaway would have to have a highspeed broadband connection.

    Are we allowed to have a dog or a cat for company?

  4. wisewebwoman

    To me being totally reclusive is a disconnect from the world and that would include trashing the telephone, radio, interwebz.
    I have contemplated it. Seriously. And read of people who have done so for years.
    I think I’m too nosy.

  5. paulo1

    I’d take a weeks worth of that dehydrated camping/hiking kind of food that’s supposed to be so good for you with enough water to make it edible and then a massive backpack jammed with hundred dollar bills for when the food ran out, being a recluse became too moany and I wanted to come back to town and LIVE !!!! I’m probably disqualified.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Sorry folks, my broadband died last night and it was a reminder of how I would feel as a recluse. I think I like my people far too much to head off into the wilderness.

    I don’t think I would bring George Clooney with me, or I would have Nancy & Steph clambouring and fighting over him – noisey bunch! 😉

    BTD & Judy have the right idea with plenty of loo roll. It is very multifunctional piece of kit. Now I wonder what I can make with it next……

    Ernestine, WWW & Alice – It sounds like we are not alone with wanting to hold on to modern technology. How easily we have all become almost slaves to it.

    Millie – Were you on a desert island? We missed you. There might be a law against taking Mayo with you!

    Paulo – I am not sure that many of us would make it.


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