Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

What can I do?

“We are on the precipice of a major financial melt down and one which will change the way the world and its people live in the next couple of decades.    I have just been reading some statistics which simply don’t add up to a bright future.” So said a friend of mine in conversation the other day.

So what can I do about it in my little corner of the globe?

Over the past three or fours years I have noticed a big change in my cost of living.  You may think my needs are few, and they are, living alone with nobody under my care, but that has little effect on some of the expenses.  The cost of living is going up, up, up!  Each time you go to a supermarket the prices have risen yet again.  I certainly do not live on fillet steak or caviare, but have good healthy meals cooking everything from scratch like my mother and grandmother before me.

So I have and own a small bungalow with all the usual outgoings.  There is no reduction on Local Government Rates or heating oil because I am alone.  I pay the same utilities as every other householder whether there are twenty, twelve or only one person in a house.

I need electricity for cooking, lighting and running the heating boiler.
A telephone is a necessity and wireless broadband is my luxury.  I have no TV by choice.

I run a small 10 year old car – more a necessity than a luxury since I live at the top of a hill and public transport is a joke in my area.

Then there is Insurance for house and separately for the car with the usual annual up-keep maintenance for both house and car.  In the past I have serviced my car myself, changing the oil, oil filter and spark plugs.  Alas, I do not have the strength in my hands any more for such tasks.  I would admit to knowing nothing about break pads or replacing them.* Even putting air in my tires, is no longer something I can do myself.

So far I have not mentioned shoe leather – or the clothing needed to go with it.  Shoe leather and clothing wear out and need replacing.  Nudism is not really acceptable or the most sensible of ideas when living in Ireland, especially for somebody who feels the cold like I do.  Only last week while walking in warm mid-day sunshine I realised that from the balls of my feet to my toes had gone numb, yes the temperature has dropped, in the past week but we are a long way from real winter!  I was not wearing sandals, but socks and trainers under my trousers.

I am not complaining, just stating facts.

If what my friend (above) says is true, how can I make changes?  What do I give up first?  Get rid of the telephone or my car?  The heating oil or the food shopping?

Do I go back to the old ways of Bartering?

How many buttons will I need to stitch on in exchange for a tank of oil?

Do YOU see a way round it?

I suppose I could always roll down the hill behind the bottle wall.  Hypothermia is bound to kick in before I am missed or found! 😉

* I may not know much about break pads, but I do know what the wheel balancing weights look like!  I have used them in the past covered in fabric to weigh down the base of an embroidered banner.