Daily Archives: September 11, 2010

Hello, Hello!

I was reminiscing the other day with a friend about the old style phones from my young days.  Like Ford cars they came in every colour…. so long as it was black!  Was that just in Ireland? I only ever remember having a black phone at home.  As for cars, even when a range of colours became available, my father preferred a black car.  His excuse was that it looked well at funerals! 🙄

Now back to the phone….

It weighed a tonne and if a call went on for any length of time, my hand would remain as if soldered to the hand-piece.

On one occasion I picked up the receiver to dial a number and I could hear a conversation going on.  I had a crossed line – I had linked into a busy line.  Now don’t tell me you would put down the phone immediately.  You would?  Really?  Well on this occasion I have to admit I succumbed and had a little listen.  Bernadette was lambasting some woman called Patricia to another called Fidelma.  Poor Patricia, wherever she was, must have had ears on fire with all the dreadful things those two had to say.

I waited long enough to gather names and then I coughed loudly.

“Excuse me Ladies”, I said. “You are talking about my friend Patricia!  I am sure that  tomorrow when I relate to her the dreadful things that you Bernadette, and you Fidelma have said, she will not be very happy.  In fact I would not expect dinner invitations any time in the near future!”

Like lightening, the two phones were slammed back on their bases.   I wonder how long it was before they used the phone again for a chat? 😆

OK! OK!  I had no idea who this person Patricia was, but Ladies Bernadette and Fidelma deserved what I said and I got to make my call…… I was very careful and polite as I did it! 😉