‘The Night I Punched My Baby Son In The Face’, by Tinman was a very funny post that I read the other day and it was the inspiration for my story today.

My uncle and aunt were travelling beyond the Pale and staying in some place like Mullingar, Athlone or Longford.  I don’t actually recall the town although I was with them at the time.  Locating our chosen hotel they parked on the street opposite the building.  You could do that with no problem fifty years ago!  Anyhow, my uncle collected the carry-cot with son & heir from the back seat and proceeded to cross the road.  One of the carrying handles slipped from his grasp and the child rolled out over the blankets (which broke the fall) and across the road only stopping as it reached the pavement.

Suddenly flustered and in shock, my uncle bundled the child back in the carry-cot and covered him in the blankets,  then walked casually into the hotel.  It was only when we reached the bedroom that they checked out the child for damage!  Relieved to know that all was well, my aunt and uncle sat on the bed and started to laugh, more at their own actions than anything else.  It was pure Keystone cops!

Now come on own up,  sure there’s nobody listening  …..  😉

8 thoughts on “Babies

  1. nick

    I imagine most parents have plenty of embarrassing stories like that. When I was a kid, there was a time when I nearly drowned because my parents weren’t keeping a close eye on me. But hey, I survived to tell the tale…

  2. wisewebwoman

    *face red*
    When going away for the weekend with our toddler and baby, we carefully packed up everything including dog and playpen,etc. etc. and were driving on the highway when I noticed the toddler laughing away to herself in her carseat in the back. When pushed to explain herself she said:
    “You forgot the baby!”
    We had.
    I’ve never forgotten the heart palpitations as we raced back to the house!

  3. Rummuser

    Indeed I could come up with stories that would make your hair stand on end about some of the adventures that we have had with Ranjan. One should suffice. Ranjan was a trusting child. His dad was his hero. Ranjan was getting into his swimming trunks when we had taken him for his first swimming lessons when he was just about three years old. The water was too tempting and I dived in and went for a swim in the swimming pool and Ranjan followed by running from behind. I could not hear him or Urmeela’s shouts as I was swimming. Urmeela, jumped in all fully clothed and had a tough time holding on to him and trying to reach the ladder. By the time I had reached the other end and turned for a return when I saw this drama at the other end. I had the presence of mind to climb out of the pool, run along to the other end and dive in to help both out. The upside to this story is that Ranjan became a very strong swimmer.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – Now that is a scary one. Glad all ended well.

    Ramana – Pools can be dangerous places, thankfully some good came of it.

  5. Laura

    Excuse me for laughing…I do feel so rude for it! However, it made me recall a time one of my siblings was traveling in the backseat as an infant and my mum came to a quick stop (long before car seats) and he went toppling to the floor where he was quickly retrieved and set back on the seat no worse for the wear. 🙂 How did we survive one wonders?

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Laura – It is difficult not to laugh at these situations. It would be a very different matter of course if any child was injured. Babies and toddlers are tougher than we realise ; THANKFULLY!

  7. Gaelikaa

    About 2 years ago I was cooking dinner when a glass bottle of chilli sauce fell off a shelf and smashed to pieces. I cleaned up the damage and carried on. In due course I served dinner. The kids weren’t too hungry and didn’t eat much. When I was clearing up after dinner, I was horrified to find a big lump of glass on my youngest son’s plate. The piece of glass must have flown into the wok when the bottle broke! I was storming heaven that day I can tell you!

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Gaelikaa – That gave me the shivers. You were very fortunate to find the stray piece of glass. All’s well etc.!


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