Daily Archives: September 15, 2010

Art with a Needle ~ Week 54

This drinking lark is hard work, and since the liquid is cold, I am making poor time.

So far I have only this to show for my effort:-

Six coke cans opened washed and then torched.  In daylight the colours are really interesting, each piece unique. It is a slow process to get them this far.  The best place to work is outside so that the fumes can evaporate.  Care needs to be taken as the aluminium can get quite hot and as Elly say, it is fine for my asbestos fingers, but not everyone can take the heat.

Once cold the sheets need to be flattened, covered and weighed down with some heavy books for at least 24 hours.

I found it very difficult to get a good clear photo to show the patterning.  I am thinking of some form of Christmas decoration…..

So before I produce my packing needle, I need to find some paper and a pen to work out a design or three.

I’ll keep you posted!

By the looks of it I need to sort out why my photos are disappearing from the preview of the post!  It appears in both the visual and HTML formats as I am writing the post.  It is the second time this has happened with posting my own photos in .JPG format.

Now I wonder if it will appear in the published version?  Time will tell.

UPDATE:  Apologies folks, I tried taking the photos again and adding them in the usual way, but no go it did not work.  Back to the drawing board.….