Daily Archives: September 24, 2010


Time again for the latest episode from the Loose Blogging Consortium.   I wonder how many gang members will be In Singing Mood and joining us today.  The topic this week was wickedly chosen by Conrad.

The “isms”

Loading my query into a favourite search engine, I discovered there were at least 887 words found ending in ‘ism’.

Not wanting to bore you with all of them I went in a different direction and found this:

The Backseat Driver’s Licence.

Now I am tempted to run off a dozen copies and keep them in the glove box (do people still call it that these days?) for when passengers insist on telling me how to drive my own car.

I am sure you are wondering where I found it.  Simple really it was at the ISM Blog.

ISM in this case stands for The Irish School of Motoring, where you can learn to drive or become a Driving Instructor.