Time again for the latest episode from the Loose Blogging Consortium.   I wonder how many gang members will be In Singing Mood and joining us today.  The topic this week was wickedly chosen by Conrad.

The “isms”

Loading my query into a favourite search engine, I discovered there were at least 887 words found ending in ‘ism’.

Not wanting to bore you with all of them I went in a different direction and found this:

The Backseat Driver’s Licence.

Now I am tempted to run off a dozen copies and keep them in the glove box (do people still call it that these days?) for when passengers insist on telling me how to drive my own car.

I am sure you are wondering where I found it.  Simple really it was at the ISM Blog.

ISM in this case stands for The Irish School of Motoring, where you can learn to drive or become a Driving Instructor.

11 thoughts on “ISM

  1. gaelikaa

    That Irish School of Motoring’s been around for years. I remember their symbol was a map of Ireland driving a car. It’s one of the first commercial signs I remember.

  2. Mayo

    I want want one of those when I come to Ireland. Rummy and I would have a great time in the back seat telling you how to drive.
    Do you think that we could get on your nerves?
    Rummy–“go left”! Mayo–“no go straight”! Grannymar– “get the ‘hell’ out”!

  3. Blackwatertown

    Yeah – glove box with us too.
    I’m going to have to get those for my kids. “Slow down, speed up, don’t drive between the ramps, I can’t hear the radio, turn it off.”
    Mutter mutter.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – I can arrange for a backseat driver’s licence to be presented to you as soon as you arrive on Irish soil! 🙄

    Gaelikaa – They are still going strong.

    Mayo – You and Rummy in the back seat. 😆 I’ll just say yes and do exactly what I want!

    Darlene – It was the first ism I learned about!

    BWT – I wonder how many people actually keep gloves in the glove box? I don’t!


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