Unlocking the door

It looks like Elly has found the key to open the way for posting my photos once more.

Thank you Elly.

4 thoughts on “Unlocking the door

  1. Mayo

    Elly, you are a great daughter. My son and daughter have to step in from time to time to help me with with my computer problems.
    Now my daughter has been working on a wine label for me, without me even asking her. She has a very creative mind. When she was 16-17 I thought her mind was to creative, now that creativity is for the positive.

  2. rummuser

    Congratulations Grannymar.

    Mayo, your daughter has created a masterpiece or should it be mistresspiece in your grand daughter. What better proof do you want?

  3. Grannymar Post author

    RG – Ach now, my Elly is not bad…. in fact she is quite good and I don’t want to swap her! 😆

    Mayo – We are very fortunate with offspring! 😀

    Ramana – I did nothing, it was all down to Elly.


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