Daily Archives: September 25, 2010


Do you have a routine?

Is your life ordered and following a pattern?  Are meals at the same time everyday, bedtime never varied and the washing hung on the clothesline every Monday come hell or high water?

My young life was very ordered, but with eight people in the house it was the only way to avoid chaos.  We may have attended different schools in opposite directions  but the general routine was the same.  My brothers went to ‘boy’s only’ schools while mine was all girls.  That was the way things were back then.

With each move in my life my routine changed, but there was always order to it.

As I have grown older the routine seems to be slipping away.  Living on my own means that I only have myself to think about.    The need to be needed is fast disappearing.  I get up or go to bed whenever I feel like it.  I jump out of bed on bright mornings full of the joys of spring, but in the depths of winter vacating the bed is a later slower process.

Meals are cooked when I feel like them, the main meal might be in the middle of the day today or later in the evening if I am involved in a project.

This lack of routine means that I sometimes gain or lose a day in the week.  I might think it is Friday and do the normal chores that need sorting before a weekend. That is no problem even if a day early, Sure it means I am free to do something else. 😀

My problem arises if I happen to mention something about it being ‘Friday’ to Elly when in fact it is a day or two earlier.  Can you hear her?  “Mammy! Today is (insert day)!

Anyone know where I left my marbles?