Do you have a routine?

Is your life ordered and following a pattern?  Are meals at the same time everyday, bedtime never varied and the washing hung on the clothesline every Monday come hell or high water?

My young life was very ordered, but with eight people in the house it was the only way to avoid chaos.  We may have attended different schools in opposite directions  but the general routine was the same.  My brothers went to ‘boy’s only’ schools while mine was all girls.  That was the way things were back then.

With each move in my life my routine changed, but there was always order to it.

As I have grown older the routine seems to be slipping away.  Living on my own means that I only have myself to think about.    The need to be needed is fast disappearing.  I get up or go to bed whenever I feel like it.  I jump out of bed on bright mornings full of the joys of spring, but in the depths of winter vacating the bed is a later slower process.

Meals are cooked when I feel like them, the main meal might be in the middle of the day today or later in the evening if I am involved in a project.

This lack of routine means that I sometimes gain or lose a day in the week.  I might think it is Friday and do the normal chores that need sorting before a weekend. That is no problem even if a day early, Sure it means I am free to do something else. 😀

My problem arises if I happen to mention something about it being ‘Friday’ to Elly when in fact it is a day or two earlier.  Can you hear her?  “Mammy! Today is (insert day)!

Anyone know where I left my marbles?

10 thoughts on “Routine

  1. rummuser

    Yes, I do have a routine much to the annoyance of many in my circle of friends and relatives. It makes life simpler for me as I have to anchor a home with two other residents, who can afford not to have a routine. in fact, one of them DOES NOT HAVE A ROUTINE much to my chagrin.

    I have always been like that ever since I can remember. I suppose that it is because of my being brain washed in the Boy Scouts and the National Cadet Corps in school that I am like that, but I am very comfortable. Part of my on and off desire to break loose is to try and be undisciplined to taste the kind of freedom that you so obviously enjoy!

  2. Mike Goad

    I don’t have much of a routine, while Karen prefers to have her routine. We’re actually both pretty flexible, though. I don’t generally forget what day it is. When I’m back home full-time after finishing a contract or when we’re traveling, Karen’s routine gets “messed up,” and, for a while, she can lose track of what day it is.

  3. wisewebwoman

    I’ve never lost the thrill of not being bound to a 9-5 existence with single mom duties all around that. Never.
    Now I take life as it comes, ink in events in the calendar, I freeze a lot of one person meals so there’s no panic about meals. I get up when I feel like it, write until dawn sometimes.
    These are definitely the good “old” days.

  4. Carole

    Since teaching, I’ve had no choice but to have a very fixed routine. However, when the summer holidays come about, and I don’t have to write dates on the board, get up at certain times, etc…, I find I lose track of the days of the week. I’m kind of lost all summer long. So you can show this comment to your daughter. No, you’re not losing your mind, you’re simply not in a routine like you used to be (or like she likely is).

  5. ernestine

    I still have a routine – but not as rigid as in the past. Might be busy in the garden and breakfast time slides past an hour and also lunch.
    In the evening if I am busy on a project then evening meal is later.
    I love the freedom of life – solo and in my 70’s.
    Especially after years of raising children and career.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    My routine was broken by the loss of an internet connection yesterday. Now I am back but it is still a little flaky!

    Ramana – 70% of the time the lack of routine works,but I find it has made me rather selfish. 🙁

    Mike – I suppose when I had Jack at work and Elly at school, routine was necessary. Now on my own I have become lazy. Anyone seen my dining table lately? Oh yes. it is under those bundles of paper! 😆

    WWW – I too cook up meals in batches and freeze in portions. It means I have a proper meal on dasys when I don’t feel like cooking. 😀

    Carole – Elly loves to tease me, as I do with her. All good fun!

    Ernestine – I am enjoying my freedom and happy in my skin. The wrinkles and the laziness seem to pair well together 🙄

  7. Alice

    Routine is one of the things I was happiest to give up when we retired. But when I think about it, even my non-routine has become a routine of sorts, hasn’t it?

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – I suppose we all have routine to a certain extent… we wake, eat and sleep at some stage of the day.


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