Art with a Needle ~ Week 55

“George!  Show mammy what you have in your pocket!”

Wouldn’t you feel sorry for my poor son-in-law! 🙄

Aw here. Hauld on now! (As a good friend of mine says), I am not going to divulge any secrets.  The pocket in this case was in a shirt.  The gadget in question was a USB Battery Pack. It will recharge many handheld electronic devices and very handy when travelling away from home.

Now to the reason for drawing my attention to this handy piece of kit….  well, there had to be a reason.  The little drawstring bag to cover it was neat, but did not have a place to store the USB port cable or selection of included adapters.  You guessed it!

“Mammy, will you make a little bag with pockets to hold the extra bits?”

Muggins agreed to give it a try, and this is how I went about it.

A piece of black felt was soft but not slippery.  The piece of paper is the pattern/size including seams.  The scribbles are the cable and adapters.

I decided to use a double layer of felt with a drawstring closure for the main pocket, and an outside pocket with Velcro closing for the bits and pieces. The long piece is the outer pocket before folding and stitching.

The finished bag!  I didn’t have any black ribbon or cord for the drawstring today, so I added this fine ribbon to give you the idea.  The white card is in the outer pocket and the black object is protruding from the main pocket.

🙁  The photos are not looking very clear to me, not sure if it is the camera or my eyes!

8 thoughts on “Art with a Needle ~ Week 55

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Mayo – I am not taking orders this week. No orders of any kind! 🙄

    Judy – It would certainly save scratches.

    Ramana – The photos were taken in artificial light last night, so may not be as sharp as usual.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – I machine stitching this time with no decoration. I doubt if George would appreciate colourful embroidery!


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