Daily Archives: October 5, 2010


Recently I went looking for a new lipstick.

The girls at Beaut.ie would be horrified if they saw my old one.  Yes I did say old one, since I found a colour that suited me I just stuck with it.  It was not the only thing that stuck.  The winder took the huff and refused to work. Twisting from here to Christmas would not bring the lipper to the surface. 🙁   In desperation one day I pulled the inner case away from the shell and wound it from there by turning the base.  Brilliant I thought, that will keep me going for another wee while.  It did!

I know you don’t believe me so I will show you!

A lip brush reduced the amount I actually applied to my lips.  I was going great guns.  “I’ll get a few more months out of that” I said to myself, and I did.  That red case looks like it has been in the wars.  Dancing about in various handbags or pockets has certainly knocked the corners off!

We have nearly reached the point of no return.  So off on the shopping spree I went.  I brought old faithful with me because the shade number was still visible on the bottom of the case.  Easy peasy I thought.

Handing it over to the assistant I smiled in hope.  The look on her face told me all.

“How long have you had this?” she asked.  I had to think about that one…..

The memories came flooding back…. It was House of Frazer in Paisley, so long ago that I wonder if the store is still going.  I was having a browse around while Elly was enjoying beauty student sleep!  It was our routine.  I headed out in the mornings and she would call me on the mobile when she surfaced.  Paisley being a small place we both knew every inch.  All I needed to do was tell her the department I was in and she found me in minutes.

On that particular day she walked me out past the cosmetics department.  Suddenly stopping she pulled me over to one of the counters.  Approaching a beautician she asked if she would take a look at her mum and show me the PROPER way to use eye make-up!  At least with my Elly you know where you stand, there is no beating around the bush!

Seeing £££ signs before her eyes the beautician invited me to sit up on the beauty chair.

Always game, I sat into the chair letting those present know that a little improvement was in order…. BUT…. I did not want to walk out of the store looking like a pox doctor’s clerk!

I was gowned, cleaned, toned and moisturised and then the fun began!  All the while Miss Elly was giving orders adding suggestions for looks, colours etc. I was coated in foundation then  eye make-up, blusher, mascara and lipstick were applied.

It was a very pleasant surprise when I actually heard Elly say “Oh no mum!  That is far too much lipstick for you.  Here wipe half of it off quickly!”  So you see some of the things I taught her sunk in! 😀

In the end I came away with a little bag of goodies sure that I would nab a toyboy before the end of the day!

So when did all that happen?  It was November 2001.  Is that a record for one lipstick?