Daily Archives: October 16, 2010

Home once more

I am home once more with Tobias restored to good health.  I need to thank George for all the patience and time he spent sorting out the problems.

My days in Dublin were busy, I did some walking, training and supervisory duties!  Not with Elly & George but with the latest addition to their household.

Did I not mention the new addition to the family?

You want to hear more?

Meet Buffy!

Buffy is a ten week old terrier and she arrived in Ellyland last weekend.  Here she is sleeping peacefully on my lap captured with my mobile phone.

Oh, I know I am not the greatest of animal lovers but this little scrap certainly tugged at my heartstrings.  I am sure with a little bit of coaxing she might have come home with me!

I wonder why my lap is feeling cold.