Daily Archives: October 19, 2010


We stopped for coffee on the journey north on Saturday.

My order was simple:  Black coffee, a cherry scone and jam!  My brother the driver for the day, added that he would have coffee and a fruit scone.  We found a window table and settled ourselves to chat.

The waitress arrived and set down two cups of coffee, and a medium sized jug with enough milk for three farmers.  The sugar sachets were on the table.  Back she went for the scones and they were set in front of us, both dressed with two foil wrapped pats of butter and one single portion of jam each.

I looked at my wide flat ¾ cup of coffee.  I suddenly felt cross.  I had not asked for ¾ of a cup of coffee.  My brother was fine he usually adds some cold milk, so I went back and asked for the other four mouthfuls!

Was I wrong?

What would you do?