We stopped for coffee on the journey north on Saturday.

My order was simple:  Black coffee, a cherry scone and jam!  My brother the driver for the day, added that he would have coffee and a fruit scone.  We found a window table and settled ourselves to chat.

The waitress arrived and set down two cups of coffee, and a medium sized jug with enough milk for three farmers.  The sugar sachets were on the table.  Back she went for the scones and they were set in front of us, both dressed with two foil wrapped pats of butter and one single portion of jam each.

I looked at my wide flat ¾ cup of coffee.  I suddenly felt cross.  I had not asked for ¾ of a cup of coffee.  My brother was fine he usually adds some cold milk, so I went back and asked for the other four mouthfuls!

Was I wrong?

What would you do?

17 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. Hails

    I agree! I’m so used to places like Starbucks that this sort of thing sounds like a crime to me. If you want to add milk, you’ll specifically ask them to leave room for it – otherwise, you should get a full-to-the-brim cup of coffee. Coffee is important, you need to stand up for your rights. 😉

  2. nick

    You were quite right. Three quarters of a cup of coffee is not a cup of coffee, particularly when they charge so much for it, and particularly when you’re saving them the cost of the butter.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    BTD – No way would I pay for ¾ of a loaf.

    WWW – Glad I am not alone.

    Hails – Yes, Hailey Teacher! I will complain until I get what I pay for. I look forward to sharing a coffee when you come home. 😀

    Nick – The cost of the butter is usually built in to the price of the scone. Don’t get me started on that one! 😡

  4. steph


    If I’d ordered a black coffee, I’d have done exactly the same!

    Furthermore, if I buy a coffee 2go and find it tastes like dishwater, I take it straight back and ask for either my money back or a decent strength coffee.

    Frankly, I’d rather do without coffee than drink a tasteless one.

    WWW is right… Don’t mess with my coffee!

  5. Nelly

    Of course you weren’t wrong. You’re Grannymar!

    Anyway I’ve noticed that when coffee is served like that it gets cold more quickly.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Steph – I have never tried a coffee 2go, I prefer to sit in and drink my coffee.

    Nelly – Who is that Grannymar person? 😆 I hate the flat wide cups, Jack used to call them Pee pots!

  7. Maria

    I probably would not ask for it to be filled to the top because refills here are free and I would just catch the waitress’ eye when I was nearly finished and have her fill it up again. However, if I were paying by the cup, I would have done exactly what you did.

    This brings back memories of my husband John who had the booming voice of a Marine Sargeant. He would have watched and then said, “I am a big boy now, my mother let’s me have a full cup of coffee.”

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Maria – I was given a new fresh hot cup of coffee. Most places here charge by the cup. I love John’s remark, I must remember to try it! 😀

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – It looks like everyone agrees with me. Next time I might remind the waitress that ‘I might be old, but do not have the shakes yet’!

  10. cardi

    It must be a ‘black coffee’ thing – I’ve done the same as you in the past … it’s like asking for a pint and getting an inch of froth on the top!!!

  11. Grannymar Post author

    Cardi – Irish beer has a head as does the stout. If you served English headless beer in Ireland you would be drummed out of town!

    BWT – I remember being in a well thought of 4* Hotel in Belfast for a large group event. The dinner was PRE ordered. One guest at our table had asked for a vegetarian meal. They tried to serve the non- veggie meal but took it away without apology. Everyone else had finished eating when the same plate was returned with the meat removed from the stack of layered meat & veg. Along side it came a side dish of what they called ‘Vegetable Moussaka’! Add to that the waiting staff managed to spill full glasses of beer over other guests in our party. Naturally I have never gone back there and would NOT recommend it for any event.


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