Daily Archives: October 20, 2010


The house is quiet and no visitors expected, so I am sitting pampering myself.

I suppose you are picturing warm towels, pots and potions everywhere, a pot of coffee and Choccie bikkies by my side.  Am I correct?

The pot of coffee is beside me and some digestive biscuits, but not a sign of chocolate anywhere – only because I scoffed the lot in the last few days.  Well,  I needed a treat since I was missing that little scrap Miss Buffy.

Buffy shows sympathy!

So what am I doing?

I am sitting with my feet in a basin of warm oiled water before tackling the toenails.

I never minded looking like mammy from the shape of my head to my feet, but why oh why did I have to inherit her ceiling chipping toenails? 🙁  Never mind within the hour I will dance a tango, even if I never could before!

What is it about having your hair cut or feet pampered…..  Oh the joy of little pleasures!