Daily Archives: October 22, 2010

Break Time

Big chief Conrad was the caller for this weeks LBC topic and he chose:

Favorite Ad Lines

By choice I have no television, so watching Adverts is not part of my present lifestyle.   In my early days of TV the adverts were repeated over many weeks or months.

Were we really so gullible to believe ‘That hands that do dishes can be soft as your face, with mild green Fairy liquid!’ without the aid of rubber gloves?

P-P-Pick up a Penguin caught my attention even though I disliked the biscuit.

How the world of ‘fast food’ has grown and invaded our world since the early days of Cadbury’s Smash.  Don’t get me wrong, I am into fast food especially when it comes with its own biodegradable packaging.  A banana is a wonderful fast food.  I have been known to bring a couple into hospital with me to eat (with permission) following a fasting visit to theatre.  I find them the best way to bring my blood sugars up to normal levels.

Accepting gifts is not something I find easy to do.  Growing up, gifts were usually small and utilitarian.  The most memorable was a Brother.  No! Not another flesh and blood one, but a portable Brother straight stitch sewing machine that cost £24.  It arrived on the morning after I left school in 1965.  By the time daddy came home from work I was wearing a new lined dress that I spent the day creating.

It was a great old workhorse but weighed a tonne.  I made skirts, tops, dresses for day and evening, suits and even an overcoat for the winter.  On one occasion I used it to replace a heavy zip in a four man tent.  The four men took turns in lifting the weight of the tent while I sewed.

I do like a well thought out gift that is something I can use year after year.  That way every time I lay hands on or look at it I think of the person from whom it came.  You can keep your baubles, bangles and bright shiny beads.  I am no Paula, I refused a mink coat, accepted diamonds (engagement ring) later stolen by thieves, and would never run away with a car.

Now I do like my Cointreau but not over ice.  I have enjoyed and shared a tipple with a French man or three over the years, but never encountered anyone as sugary sweet as the guy in this advert.  I think I might be tempted to leave him to soak in his own syrup!