Daily Archives: October 30, 2010

Bits ‘n Bobs

I once knew a fella called Bob…. He was always in bits!

I was almost in bits last night as I sat to write a Post for today.

The broadband connection died yet again.  So I went on the ritual journey of disconnecting this, unplugging that, finding the old fashioned cable etc., you know the story.  It is almost as repetitive as the fifteen rosaries muttered on the walk around the Basilica in Knock!

At one stage I was almost tempted to try the wire coat hanger method.  Well it worked for years on Irish cars to gain a signal for the radio!  I am sure if I shoved the end of the coat hanger in my ear …….Oh, never mind!

Switching off and unplugging all access to the internet, I contented myself with planning ideas for posts to keep me busy ’til years end!  So before I hit the hay I had 17 posts planned and ready to pull over to the blog when required.

While researching for my posts I found an old manilla folder with a million scraps of paper – mostly old cuttings from magazines or hand written notes with recipes, house hold hints etc.   A couple of the recipes will be added on to my planned list once I have tried them again.

Something useful I came across was a handy tip for dealing with broken glass.

Use a thick slice of bread to pick up broken glass, it safely takes in the splinters and you won’t need to rince it out like a sponge!

Another heading made me smile….

Indulge in a Fool

I know  one or two… and indulging is not what I have in mind for them! 🙂

Oh, it is good to be back!