I seldom ask for help.  Today I do.  It is not for me personally but for George my Son in Law.

Some of you may be aware that George has reached a major decision in his life.

NO, he is not putting me in a home for the bewildered or leaving Elly!

In September he embarked on a study programme as part of a career change   That change will see him back at College for the next few years.

George loves FOOD!

In the past year, he has had the opportunity to spend long hours around food – researching, purchasing, preparing, cooking, baking, serving and of course eating the results of all that effort.  Many times I sat at the table to be a guinea pig eat, enjoy and critique a meal he has made.

Part of the cooking is trial and error, anyone who ever cooked a meal knows that.  He tries, re-tries and adjusts the recipes until he is fully satisfied.

Always the generous soul, he shares the efforts of his labour with friends round the table at home and on his Food Blog – Not Junk Food.

George wants to be a CHEF.

He has entered for a competition sponsored by Cully & Sully, that could really give him a push in his new chosen career.  The Prize sounds wonderful and I would love to see him do well.

A 12 week cookery course in Ballymaloe worth €12,000 along with everything you need to become Ireland’s next great chef: the course, the Uniform, a set of knives, accommodation while you train followed by 2 weeks with Cully&Sully to learn about the business and have some craic!

Details of the competition can be found here

Voting will be heavy, and this is where you come in.

When you open the link above an arrow will direct you in where to vote.  All you need to do is click on the ‘like’ button.  That is it. Simple!

If you scroll down past the photo of George (at the link for the competition) you will learn more about him and see the dish he has chosen as his entry.  I have tasted it!  As my mammy would say, ‘I was BBQ sauce from ear to ear’ and all over my hands, I wanted to spend the evening curled up like a cat licking my face and hands clean!  Even thinking about it….. I want some now!

So please, take the time to vote for my favourite Son-in-Law, One day when he becomes famous, you will be able to say…..  You know the rest

Thank you.

Lán grá


19 thoughts on “George

  1. Grannymar Post author

    RG – I have everything crossed here, but it makes it6 more difficult to type!

    Cathy – Many thanks and I can tell you the ribs taste delicious!

    Thank you Darlene.

    Ramana – Much appreciated.

  2. Nancy


    The LIKE button has been pushed and all fingers and toes have been crossed..

    Good luck, George, those ribs look scrumpous(sp?).
    I’m not a good speller but I am a terrific rib eater and I know I would love those ribs!

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Thank you Nancy. It would be wonderful if we could all sit round a table together and share some of those ribs prepared and cooked by George

  4. steph


    Already done!

    “I know him!” 😉

    It’s good to see that it’s not ONLY restricted to getting the most votes as I’m not a great believer in this type of selection.

    If George doesn’t get in the top two with-most votes, he’s still be in with a chance to win a place in the final as Cully & Sully state that they will handpick a 3rd finalist from the list of entries.

    Good luck, George!


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