Daily Archives: November 10, 2010


In the garden a glorious shower
Drifted past in one short hour
Then in glory was a carpet
Covering cracks and seats and baskets.

In the morning hushed and white
Had Lady Frost with all her might
Covered all with breath of gauze
Even birds have taken pause

Brushing sweeping bagging dumping
How I feel my heart is thumping
Soon before the fire I’ll sit
Drinking coffee as I knit

Clicking needles, crackling logs
The flames are rising like a dance
Now my heart is calm and warm
My toe peeps through a sock that worn

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MINE is an interactive online choreographic process involving Fitzgerald & Stapleton and four Irish women who live in different locations around Ireland and are aged between 8 and 63 years – Poppy Kane, Jenny Doyle, Kay O’Grady, and Grannymar.

The idea is to create four individual choreographic scores over an 8 week period.

One question will appear every two weeks (at the link above), themes relating to society and life, which each participant may respond to through all mediums for example writing, film, drawing, photography.

We are looking for honest opinions and responses from the participants that reflect their individual life experiences. There is no right or wrong and no artistic experience is necessary as we want to work beyond the regular artistic community and include the wider public within the arts.

My post yesterday and this piece today are my first contributions.