Daily Archives: November 23, 2010

I am a little confused…

Well the state of the world and Ireland in particular right now is enough to confuse a Saint!

To clear my head I went out for a walk yesterday.

I did need to check out some bus times.  No!  Don’t tell me to check the website it is pure unadulterated C**p!  I think so. Other would-be customers think so.  The bus drivers think so and the bus Inspectors think so.  I have been told on good authority that the guys in the Complaints department of the bus company don’t even know how the website is supposed to work!!  They have bus times in there for buses that do not exist!

I spoke to a group of drivers and they told me not to phone in for advice either as the folk on the phones make up the times as they go along.  Added to that, buses for my area leaving Belfast, can begin their journeys from four different places!!!

I may have reason to go to Belfast on several occasions in the next few weeks.  Early starts will be in order.  To be sure of arriving at my destination for 9.30am I will need to be on the 7.45am bus!  Are you listening body??

Once armed with the bus times I decided to venture further.  I saw a Christmas tree all lit up inside the window of a small house….  let me check… it is still November, right?  No wonder people in Northern Ireland take down decorations and trees on Boxing day!

Then I found this:

Which is it?  A €uro car wash or a GB£ car wash?