I love taking a toddler for a walk.  It really opens your eyes to the things we take for granted.  Everything for them is so fresh and new.

In Springtime as the ground slowly wakens and comes to life.  Watching for the first snowdrops and crocuses to appear.  Stopping with deep concentration to listen to and follow the flight of a bird from tree to tree.

In Summer, picking wild flowers and making daisy chains.  Feeding ducks from the edge of a pond or riverbank.  Blowing bubbles and trying to catch them.  Gathering shells on a beach or paddling and splashing at the waters edge.  Searching for ladybirds and bugs.

The rustle of crisp dry leaves as they dance along the ground to the song of a light autumn breeze, or the crunch of a footfall on a carpet of dry leaves as you walk along a tree lined Avenue in early autumn.  Collecting conkers  and stringing them.

Watching a tiny hand stretching out to catch a snowflake, or eyes dancing with delight at the sight of fairy lights at Christmas.

9 thoughts on “Toddlers

  1. Hails

    Ummm… I think I must be a toddler, because I do all those things! 🙂

    (Well, except for searching for bugs – the only reason I do that is to kill them before they bite me!)

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Hails – You will always be young, you have the heart of a child!
    Note to self: Buy colouring book and crayons before Hails comes home in December! 😆

  3. Rowan Manahan


    I remember taking my older daughter to my mother’s house by the sea on a winter’s evening. Lynn was maybe 18 months old. As we were going in the gate, I noticed a large seal in the water in Sandycove harbour. I got very excited and picked Lynn up and we dashed down onto the pier – it was rare to see one in the harbour and this was a particularly large and beautiful animal. Lynn snuggled in against me and we chatted about the lovely seal cavorting in the water, she being familiar with them because we had two picture books with stories about seals in them.

    On our way home from Granny’s house, we stopped at the local shop and as I took Lynn out of the car, her mouth fell open into a perfect ‘O’ as she saw the sparkly christmas lights above the door of the shop.

    I couldn’t get her to move; she just stood there gazing up, transfixed.

    It gave me pause for thought – I weighed up the two experiences and the seal won hands-down. But in her world, seals were no big deal and twinkly lights were SOMETHING NEW.

    To this day, I find myself watching sidelong to see how my girls react to new sights and circumstances. There’s nothing like a fresh pair of eyes …

  4. Grannymar Post author

    BHB – You need to borrow one for an hour!

    Rowan – I love to watch young children and am still fascinated watching ‘my baby’ react to something new and she has passed thirty! Long may it Continue.


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