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Under the stairs

Magpie 11, still ‘under the Doctor’ as they say here in Northern Ireland, was the culprit who chose the topic for today.  He is doing well and we look forward to his contributions in the very near future.  Ramana on the other hand, will be resting, like all the best Actors for a few more weeks.  Come on Guys, hurry up and get well soon or we will have to let Mayo loose with a Blog!!.  Know that you are both very much missed

Wacky Ideas: Places

“Elly!  Please bring me a fresh roll of kitchen paper!”  I called as I removed the last sheet of paper from the current one.

“Where are they?”  Came the reply from the One with her face stuck in a book.

“Under the stairs. I said.

Giving me a rather funny look, she headed to the cupboard in the hall, and retrieved a new roll for me.

Exchanging the paper roll for a warm freshly baked peanut biscuit, I said “Thank You.”

Sending Elly to the cupboard under the stairs was a regular occurrence.  It was the storage space for all the spares – Boxes of tissues, kitchen rolls and loo rolls, soap powder, bottles of vinegar, conditioners, disinfectants and the box of shoe polishes.  It also had space for the brooms, vacuum cleaner, ironing board, iron and my sewing machine.

I suppose in a way, I was following on my mother’s tradition, since that was where she hoarded the many extra bits and pieces.  Back then we had to keep the entrance way clear as the gas meter was housed in there on the back wall.  The gas man needed to be able to bend down and shine his torch on the meter in order to read it.

Now we had no gas meter, so that was a problem less.

My PROBLEM was we had no stairs either!  We lived in a bungalow, so the cupboard ‘under the stairs’ was not!  It was a full height cupboard in the hall.

Is it any wonder Elly grew up like she did!!!!! 😆  😆