Not my kind of weather.

Bitterly cold.

The ground was like an ice rink.  I went out to test the ground and purchase a loaf of bread.

Had Dr Who called when I was not looking?  Suddenly I had lost a year and was back at the nervous stage of taking first steps.  Four times on my journey I lost my footing.  Thankfully I had a ski/hiking pole and without the rubber ferrule it at least dug into the ice.  For once I will admit to feeling nervous on my pins.  I know the second hip has signs of wear, but if I must have it replaced, I would rather it be by choice and not because of a break.

This getting old lark is no fun! 🙁

Stay warm my friends.  Stay safe.

10 thoughts on “Not my kind of weather.

  1. wisewebwoman

    Oh please stock up GM, load up bread in freezer and stay safe and warm inside. Not ever worth the risk of a fall and not to be alarmist or anything, one of the biggest risks is breakage of the pelvis and we don’t ever want to go there, OK?

  2. Baino

    Oh boy, take it easy hippy chick. I love the thought of snow but the reality is different. We’ve been seeing the newscasts here and it’s pretty awesome. At least you might get a white Christmas.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – I had to go to Belfast again this morning, am back safe and well. The streets in central Belfast are snowfree and dry!! These trips will give me blog fodder but not for use until after year end!

    Brighid – The toyboys round here are fickle… they hibernate in winter ! 😉

    Baino – The only place for snow is on Christmas cards and the back page of calendars.

  4. Sean Blackburn

    People going mad and empting all the supermarkets again here in Uk, I have dug myself out twice this week already. There must be 3 foot of snow here in lincolnshire….to all whos reading this thing of the old and if you our neighbour of some old folk, pls check in on then and make sure they are ok.

  5. Alice

    I’m scared to death of falling on ice. My daughter gave me a pair of ice grippers that clip on the bottom of my shoe, and it does help quite a lot. Maybe you could look for a pair around there–on a nicer day. Do be careful though. I know how you feel.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – Most places online have sold out at this stage. Our shops don’t seem to have heard of them. Will keep trying.


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