Daily Archives: December 1, 2010

Times are Tough

An the present time it is difficult to avoid hearing or reading about cutbacks, pull-backs or bailouts.

We have listened to economists and politicians telling us about recession for several years now.  There would be cutbacks here, reductions there and job losses all around.  At the same time prices were rocketing at every hands turn.  The cost of utilities & fuel were rising faster that a space shuttle.  Governments were run by blinkered leaders focused on builders, bankers and war.  War that we did not agree with.  War that we did not want.  War that they had not thought through, bringing misery and destruction to people at home and across the globe.  War that we the Joe and Joan Soaps will pay for over many a decade.

Twitter was on fire with anger and frustration at any mention of ECB, IMF & €85 billion #bailout causing blood pressures to soar.  It reminded me of the torrent of hurt and disgust for both the Catholic Church and The Government at the time of the Abuse scandal.

With all the outbursts, I was surprised by so little reaction to an item I saw in the Irish times the other day:

THE IRISH GOVERNMENT has contributed almost €2 million to refurbishment work at the Pontifical Irish College in Rome. The Irish College is a seminary and home to 60 seminarians, only half of them come from Ireland.  The college is generally where Ireland’s Catholic bishops stay when they visit Rome on official business and sometimes when on private visits.

Where did the government find that €2 million?  Does it come out of the €85 billion bailout?