Daily Archives: December 4, 2010

A drip

I hear the tiniest drip of water from the gutters through the downpipe to the drain outside my kitchen window!  It is the first sign of a thaw since 25th November. The roads, pavements and gardens are all hidden under a winter jacket of snow.

We are wrapped in a blanket of freezing fog since about 9pm last night.  I can just about see the end of my garden.

Both snow and fog bring an eerie silence to the place and I have not seen or heard a car move all day.  I may as well live in the middle of a field right now.  Worry not, unlike the two elderly ladies in Cumbria England, I have no intention of venturing outside.  The doors remain locked.

My house is warm and cosy, I baked a little this morning and have dinner all planned and ready for the oven.

Spoke too soon!  Ten minutes and the drip has stopped, so we are freezing again. 🙁

Anyone got a spare pair of braces?  We might need them to hold the freezing clouds up off the ground!

I’m off to hibernate…. I’ll see you next Spring!