A drip

I hear the tiniest drip of water from the gutters through the downpipe to the drain outside my kitchen window!  It is the first sign of a thaw since 25th November. The roads, pavements and gardens are all hidden under a winter jacket of snow.

We are wrapped in a blanket of freezing fog since about 9pm last night.  I can just about see the end of my garden.

Both snow and fog bring an eerie silence to the place and I have not seen or heard a car move all day.  I may as well live in the middle of a field right now.  Worry not, unlike the two elderly ladies in Cumbria England, I have no intention of venturing outside.  The doors remain locked.

My house is warm and cosy, I baked a little this morning and have dinner all planned and ready for the oven.

Spoke too soon!  Ten minutes and the drip has stopped, so we are freezing again. 🙁

Anyone got a spare pair of braces?  We might need them to hold the freezing clouds up off the ground!

I’m off to hibernate…. I’ll see you next Spring!

9 thoughts on “A drip

  1. nick

    Jenny and I are not going out of doors unless we have to. We’re hiding indoors with traybakes, wine, good food and good books. I understand Belfast is now twinned with Yakutsk in Siberia, lol.

  2. Rhyelysgranny

    I had dripping last night too. Like you it stopped and lovely icicles adorn the guttering on the conservatory. We are up out of the fog so it was wall to wall sunshine all day but different story tonight. Fire’s on and all cosy inside. Poor wee birds are having a hard time. I must be the only person filling feeders for miles around. The birds are here in their hundreds.

  3. wisewebwoman

    Oops GM, it must be tough with no service equipped to handle all of this downfall and freeze. Like you my friends s’abhaile are in front of fires with books and trays on laps.

    More power to all your elbows!


  4. kenju

    You’d do well to stay in and not risk falling – or worse. We had about 2″
    of snow here today – very unusual for this early in the winter.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – There is no place like home in weather like this. Thankfully the fog lifted at 2am this morning. 😀

    RG – I am hoping the neighbours are feeding the few birds that are about, I dare not step out into the back garden.

    WWW – I heard that one of the ladies on our local council fell on the icy pavements and broke her ankle. Maybe now the problem will be addressed! Stable door etc!

    Judy – I hear that La Niña is at least partially responsible and will continue to influence our weather for the winter months.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    BHB – I am more inclined to go with the El Niño/La Niña theory. I remember some winters of my childhood where we had frost on the INSIDE of the bedroom windows. Then there were others where we had not a hint of frost but driving rain for days and weeks on end! Maybe there is a god up there somewhere playing his version of war and destruction on the original Xbox!

  7. Alice

    Like Nick noted (above) there’s no better place to be than home during weather like this. It’s actually cozy, as long as the electricity holds up and the plumbing doesn’t freeze up. Here’s hoping that drip starts again soon.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – Too true, but the walls won’t talk to me so I’m having to answer myself! 😉


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