Socks over your shoes are the answer for this slippy, slidey weather.  They give great grip!

I wore them this morning going down the hill and again coming back up the hill this afternoon and not the hint of a skid or slip anywhere!

I suppose now that I found the right socks, the snow will go away!  (She says hopefully!)

Dirty and wet, but they did their job!

8 thoughts on “SOCKS!

  1. Baino

    Gawd I didn’t even have to read this post to remember that my son has 36 odd socks and the count is still on. Where the Hell do they go? At least you might get a white Christmas while I’m sweating droplets down my cleavage.

  2. Nelly

    The elderly uncle (once a blacksmith) of a friend of ours fashioned himself chains which he wears around his footwear when the roads and pavements are treacherous. So if you should see a man, well into his eighties, strolling around Magherafelt with never a thought for the sheet ice at his feet, I daresay that will be him.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – And what a thaw! Just as I am reaching the end of my jury summons and the treacherous trecks at dawn!

    Baino – We have been warned that there is plenty more wintery stuff to fall yet before the holiday! 🙁

    Nelly – That is one wise man!

  4. Alice

    Now there’s an idea for those dozen socks I bought in a package at a box store–they were far too large for my smallish feet. A terrific idea!

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – As My granny used to say: “Keep a thing long enough and you will find a use for it”!


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