Daily Archives: December 14, 2010


Mine are up!

Up in the loft, and that is where they will stay.

I decided a few months ago that climbing ladders when I needed to use my two hands for other than balance was a thing of the past.  I had thought of using greenery from the garden, but the temperatures are dipping and the ground is white with frost once again.  I read somewhere today that the second Big Freeze of the season will last a month and put the country on course for a winter even colder than the notoriously treacherous 1962-63.

I suppose I could make gingerbread people and decorate them in festive mood to string and hang about the walls.

I always have candles to hand, so a few ribbons will add some simple colour.

If you were stranded as of today by the weather, with no chance of going outdoor, what would you do to cope with the festive season?  Think gifts, decoration and particularly food?

Last week the handsome Peter Donegan (one of my Toyboys) was asking me on the Sodcast about bringing the garden indoors at this festive time.  The Sodcast is a Podcast by DoneganLandscaping.com  Thankfully my vocal contribution lasts a very short time.