I got it!

I didn’t dream about it.

I didn’t wish for it…

But I got it!

This is how it looked this morning

It started on 25th November, I’m hoping it is well gone before 25th January.

Happy Melting!

10 thoughts on “I got it!

  1. Nancy

    Happy Christmas, Grannymar…

    If you took that icicle down and put it in your freezer you would have enough ice for your G and T’s until Spring!

    The pictures are beautiful. We are expecting snow this evening…

    Stay warm and well, dear friend……

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Judy – I’ll try to remember not to stand under them when the thaw begins.

    Ramana – I thought you would have sent the Heat Patrol to rescue me by now.

    Nancy – I could start an ice cube factory with all the icicles round my house! You stay warm and safe. When do you head to Florida?

    Kay – Thank you.

    WWW – I only wish I could.

  3. Alice

    I take it that’s taken from your place…sure is beautiful there. We didn’t have snow this Christmas; it waited until the 26th, and I have to say I missed it. The residual snow from the previous storm just wasn’t as pleasing as the fresh stuff.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – Yes they are views from my bedroom window. Most of the snow has now gone and a balmy 7°C this morning.


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