Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

No More Snow

Wanna bet?  Well I will be ready for it…. if it does come back.

Since 25th of November last year ( I enjoyed saying last year! 😀 ) when the snow arrived with a vengeance and immediately turned to solid ice, I have been trying to make a purchase.  None of the shops I tried, or online outlets for that matter. were able to help me.

Not giving up, I continued my search during the week between Christmas and New Year.  I found what I wanted online at FieldAndTrek.com and made my purchase.

It arrived today:

You want to see what I bought?

A pair of ten point Grivel Spider Crampons.  Very neat, easy to use and come with strong washable bag to store them in.  They lock together for storage.

Now, will you remind me where I put them when we next have snow? 😉