No words today

I am here struggling.

Struggling with a project.  I feel I am getting nowhere and want to give up

BUT!  It is the last hurdle and I have managed to keep going so far. I don’t really want to fail.

There are just a few days left.  Maybe I have to many thought flying above my head like pigeons that will not come home to roost.

I tried ‘another cup of coffee’, watching a DVD for distraction and even sleeping.  I am like a child with ants in my pants…

Maybe tomorrow the light of inspiration will touch me.

Wish me luck.

7 thoughts on “No words today

  1. Lori

    Been there too! Unhook yourself from the “failing” part: Take a deep breathe… and trust yourself. The rest will come. Good luck, sending “energy” your way! Lori


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