Daily Archives: January 14, 2011

I’m Late

For the first time since the Loose Blogging Consortium began I have missed a deadline.  It was only my fault in that I was not as organised as usual with posts prepared and scheduled to publish at the required time and date.  The topic for 14th January was chosen by Ramana.

Stimulus and Response

Music is a great form of stimulus for me.  James Last never fails to gain a response from me and set my feet tapping.  I regularly used a couple of his LPs to take me through household chores.  With all the windows opened wide, dusting, polishing or sweeping down the ceilings and walls is not half the task with the beat of non-stop party greats by James Last, his orchestra and singers urging me on my way.  Nowadays I have CDs of all the music I like.

Thinking about it now, I am brought back to a bright spring morning (bring them on!) when Elly was gone to Primary/Junior School.  I was ready to start before she and her dad had turned the corner.  Furniture all pushed to the centre of the living room, I was sweeping the ceiling with good easy strides.

Next thing I knew was a friend Connie called for a visit, having dropped her own son at school. She was in need of a chat, coffee was always available and my baking tins full of tasty treats no matter what time of the day.  She put the coffee on as I finished the last few strips of the ceiling before the volume was turned right down on Belfast, Dancing Queen and Staying Alive etc., for the duration.  Years later she told me that she went out and bought a cassette tape of the music to use while working away at home.

Now Connie is no longer with us, I wonder if they have that music in whatever existence she is in now?