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I hate diets!

I hate listening to people talking about ‘Going on a Diet‘!  Every day since Christmas I have heard someone mention the excesses of eating over the holidays and the need to diet.  If it was not on the radio, in a newspaper it was on the blogs.

Well, by now you all know I do not and never did carry excess weight.  I do have very long arms.  They were well honed from years of SOS – Stretch or Starve!  With eight of us round the table when we were small in number, you had to learn quickly to stop talking and eat up.  Hungry brothers don’t like to sit on ceremony and wait for two hundred mastications per bite!

We were all long and lean in our household, so it never seemed other than normal to us. In fact for many years I was underweight.  Nobody understood why, since I always had a good appetite and enjoyed my food (so long as there was no dairy products in it).

It is not all fun being THIN.

  • In school the Headmistress, a nun, called me over and asked what I had for my breakfast!  She was serious!  She seemed to think I was starved and should be sitting down to a full Irish every day.  I saw red – I often did with the nuns. I told her that we didn’t have servants or a string of nuns in the kitchen to cook it for all eight of us like they (the nuns) did in the convent!
  • People think you are anorexic or bulimic and starve yourself on purpose to get that look.
  • Women, particularly those who have a thick layer of natural insulation see no wrong in pointing out how ‘THIN’ I am. One such lady poked me in the ribs – in company – to emphasise the fact!  I wonder if I had poked her in her layers of fat and said “Look how fat you are!”, how she would have liked it?  I didn’t. Mammy taught me it was rude to point and being pass-remarkable was very bad manners.
  • You feel the cold. Big time!
  • Clothes don’t have a shape to drape over. At one stage Elly said to me, “If you get any thinner you will have to go to New York or Paris to buy your clothes!”  Size 6Uk was seldom available at that time.
  • Age shows all the quicker on a thin face and neck.

Variety is the spice of life. Indeed it would be boring if we were all the same – just like a bunch of Lego people.  Television and Sales marketing have a lot to answer for.  The models we see on TV and in Magazines are all airbrushed.  Why do you think the rat pack photographers who chase the Celebs make so much money?  It is for the photos of personalities sans make-up or dressed down and off duty?  Do you put on full face paint and Sunday best to slip to the corner shop or supermarket?

Nowadays people are willing to hand out enormous fees to health farms and fitness clubs.  How many actually get their moneys worth.  How many religiously attend once or twice a week as they hoped to do at the beginning.  Like Coleman’s Mustard, the fortune is made from what is not used!

So what would I suggest?

  • Ditch the scales and turn the mirror to the wall.
  • Eat three regular meals EVERYDAY – at the dining table and not at the computer, If you are surfing the net or watching TV, you shovel in the food long after you need it and also condition the body to ‘watching means or needs eating’.
  • Cut out the snacks in-between meals.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Would you drive a car with no fuel in it?  No?  Then why do that to your body? It has to last waaaay longer than any car.
  • A poached egg on a couple of potato cakes is way more satisfying than on toast.  With that for breakfast you won’t need the mid morning snack.
  • A banana is a great source of natural energy.  A ripe banana will give you a quick boost but it will not last long.  A more firm banana gives a longer slow release of energy.  Why not try it sliced over a bowl of cereal or add one to a Smoothie for breakfast.
  • An apple in the mid afternoon is actually more reviving than a cup of tea or coffee, with or without the choccie treat.
  • Try not to eat late in the evening.  Going to bed on a full stomach is not good for your body or your partner, if you have one. 😉
  • Go for a walk at lunchtime if you can and at least around the block before bedtime.  It moves the food on its way, is good exercise, is relaxing and gives you time to clear your mind of the stresses of the day.  This is all an aid to good restful sleep.
  • When you were a child, did you spend a fortune on a gym and fancy gym-wear? No. You ran about and played with a skipping rope, a hoola hoop or a ball.  All these are still available and very cheap.  You have to use them to get any benefit, they do not work in a cupboard.
  • If you really want to lift weights try two large tins of fruit.  When no longer needed use the fruit in a pie or crumble for all the family.
  • Eat normally but smaller portions.  Put them on a smaller plate and it looks like you have a large helping.
  • Find determination and stick to your goal.