Food Monday ~ Vegetable & Chicken Quiche

Vegetable & Chicken Quiche
Preheat oven to 180°C

Pastry of your choice to line a flan dish ( I am no good at pastry making)

For the filling:
½ a small onion peeled and chopped
3 slices of smoked streaky bacon chopped
I chicken breast cut in strips
⅓ yellow pepper diced
6 ozs mixed cooked vegetables:- carrots, celery, corn and peas
2 ozs mushrooms chopped (optional)
2 eggs
¼ pint of milk
Pepper & salt

Fry the onion, bacon, chicken & peppers.  Add cooked vegetables and stir.
Beat the egg and add the milk.
Line the flan dish with pastry, fill with vegetables & chicken mixture.  Pour over the egg and milk. Bake for 25 minutes.
Serve with a salad & crusty bread
(or chips if nobody is paying attention 😉 )

3 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Vegetable & Chicken Quiche

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Kay – It was always a favourite in this house.

    Baino – That is is, particularly if like me you cheat and purchase the pastry! 😉


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