Daily Archives: January 25, 2011

A wonderful gift

Yesterday, Kate told a very interesting tale in her blog post.

Way back in August – my son gave me a book, it was a hardback with pages full of questions about my life. I was asked to complete it and give it back to him as a Christmas present.

The post is the story of the book.  The reliving of her life through words and photos, written in her own hand.

So many of us communicate through electronic means these days that soon there will be no trace of our handwriting.  Reading the post brought back a memory for me.  Some years ago I obtained copies of the 1901 and 1911 census forms with regard to my paternal grandparents family.

The most fascinating detail for me was that the forms were filled in and signed by my grandfather’s hand.  My father was born at the tail-end of 1911, so his arrival was too late to appear.  Eleven years later, my grandfather died.  I do have the odd photo and many stories of his life, but those forms are the only REAL link I have to the man.

The most fascinating detail for me is that the handwriting is exactly the same as my fathers!

Just think how fascinating it would be to have my grandfather here to look back at those photos and tell about them from the ‘inside’!  The day they were taken, was it a special day?  Who took the photos, were they wearing Sunday best?  What stage the children were at, how was the business doing…..

That would begin the journey to his siblings, his parents and perhaps his grandparents.  I do know who they were, I have the lists and thanks to an uncle, older than my father, some very rich tales so lovingly told to us when we were young.  Alas, all the older generation have moved on to the great family gathering in the sky.  One by one the clods of soil separated us from the older generation, and with them died the stories.  We were far to young to think of asking them to write down their memories.

Do you have children or grandchildren?  Have you thought of making a memory bank for them?  I know that Maria at Silver Fox Whispers is an avid Memory Book maker.

Details of the book that Kate used are on her Blog, but you could write your own and self publish.  Blurb.com are easy to follow and give an excellent finish. Elly has produced several books with them, both soft and hard covered, the photos in particular are excellent quality.

Now where did I put that pen…. I wonder if I can still do joined up writing?